Access to Healthcare

The Problem

Every part of our health care system is threatened by excessive lawsuits.  Lawsuits against doctors, medicines, hospitals and health insurers place an enormous liability burden on the system and are a major contributor to increased health care costs and decreased accessed to affordable health care.

Lawsuits and jury awards increase the cost of medical liability insurance, driving up patient and insurance costs and leading some doctors to stop practicing high risk specialties such as obstetrics. The threat of lawsuits also slows and discourages innovation resulting in less access to new medicines and treatments as companies that work to create life-saving medicines and devices become more hesitant to bring new products to the market for fear of lawsuits.

Why it Matters

Patients pay the price for abusive health care lawsuits.  Patients pay the price in higher costs as liability costs are passed on and when doctors choose not to practice because the risk is simply too high. Patients pay the price when the fear of lawsuits makes the medicine and treatments they need less available.

Patients also pay in peace of mind. Personal injury lawyers bombard consumers with ads, sensationalism and junk science to scare consumers into suing.

Stop the Abuse

Don’t believe every personal injury lawyer ad you see. If you have a question about your health care or your medicine, ask your doctor, not a lawyer.

Join CALA in advocating for common sense reforms.  Laws such as California’s Medical Injury Compensation Reform Act (MICRA) have helped reduce medical liability lawsuit abuse and keep doctors in our state.  More reform is needed to ensure that junk science doesn’t fuel questionable health care lawsuits and that the medicines we depend upon don’t become the latest lawsuit target.

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