California Is Regulating Itself Out of Business

Nathan Mintz, a member of the California CALA leadership team, wrote an article for the Torrance Daily Breeze in which he calls attention to the abuse of the legal system made possible by California's regulations. Here is what he had to say:

"A regulation that clearly flunks that test is Proposition 65, which requires warning signs be posted everywhere that say, "This facility contains chemicals known by the state of California ." These signs are now so widespread they are completely ignored by the public, but their absence can lead to a useless lawsuit that can be crippling to business owners. Trial lawyers are making tens of millions off these frivolous lawsuits - they have even set up a Web community, to share the tools of the trade. In 2009, they clogged up our courts with 321 of these lawsuits, costing us millions to hear and rule on these cases, with virtually no benefit for the general public beyond the postage of more of these signs. Rolling back the broad definition of this regulation would save taxpayers millions and save hundreds of businesses from more legal headaches."

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