Happy Lawsuit-free Birthday Betsy!

It is Assemblywoman Betsy Butler's birthday today and we thought we would wish her a Happy Lawsuit-Free Birthday! As the former Director of Development for the Consumer Attorneys of California (CAOC) who now represents the 53rd District in California, we want her to have a wonderful day and enjoy.

Now, to do that, she might want to remember a few things. Since she has been in the Legislature for a little while, her memory might have faded since her glory days with CAOC. Some good tips for having a wonderful birthday and maybe even a party tonight are as follows:

1.  Send invites to everyone so no one's feelings will be hurt and sue you for emotional damages. And make sure that wherever you have the party, the venue is ADA compliant.

2.  If you are having a birthday cake, use organic/sugar free ingredients to avoid obesity lawsuits.

3.  Use flameless candles. You do not want anyone getting burned.

4.  Post Proposition 65 warnings in the room in light of any chemicals that may be being used.

5.  Do not serve any bottles of water that contain Bisphenol A. We have a feeling you might remember this one.

6.  And if you are returning gifts, please make sure the retailers do not ask for your zip code. That is an invasion of privacy.

We hope you have a wonderful day.  Enjoy and let’s make sure you have a lawsuit-free birthday!


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