End of a Silly California Coffee Cancer Scare


Prop. 65 has provided a seemingly bottomless well of material for new lawsuits, but California thankfully put an end to one ridiculous push to make businesses put cancer warnings on their coffee. While that was a step forward, there is still more work to do, as California Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse’s Julie Griffiths explains in The Wall Street Journal…

DA Praised For Civil Action Against Alleged ‘Shakedown’ Lawyers


California has faced a slew of lawsuits misusing the Americans with Disabilities Act in recent years. Thankfully, one District Attorney in the state took steps to fight back against attorneys known for filing lawsuits which abused the measure, earning praise from California Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse. The Murrietta Patch reports on his efforts to curb the “shakedown” local trial lawyers were using to target local businesses for big money…