National Economic Impact Report 2020

Due to lawsuit abuse, states’ business climates have deteriorated. Each year, misguided regulations and trial attorneys across the country contribute to widespread job loss and higher prices for goods and services. That means the cost of your car and home insurance goes up when these lawyers flood your state’s courts with lawsuits.

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Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse (CALA) released six state research reports* analyzing the cost of excessive litigation in California, Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Missouri, and West Virginia.

The studies estimate over 500,000 permanent jobs were lost due to excessive tort costs in each state:

California: Loss of 242,761 jobs and a “tort tax” of $594.74 per person
Florida: Loss of 161,735 jobs and a “tort tax” of $719.01 per person
Illinois: Loss of 99,966 jobs and a “tort tax” of $761.81 per person
Louisiana: Loss of 19,794 jobs and a “tort tax” of $417.72 per person
Missouri: Loss of 32,205 jobs and a “tort tax” of $505.21 per person
West Virginia: Loss of 5,605 jobs and a “tort tax” of $307.51 per person

*Methodology: Ohio was used as a “control group” because of its relatively balanced legal climate and in order to highlight just how bad certain states have become compared to what should be an acceptable standard.

We need consumer and policymaker support. That way we can rebalance our judicial system to ensure that it can’t be taken advantage of and no longer harms our communities.

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