Who We Are

Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse (CALA) is a nonpartisan, grassroots movement working to end rampant lawsuit abuse across the United States. CALA advocates for commonsense legal reform measures by educating the public about the devastating, real-world costs of lawsuit abuse on working families and small businesses.

What We Believe

CALA believes our courts should be fair and equitable. Widespread lawsuit abuse has created a drag on our nation’s economy and clogged our courts. The impact of this abuse can be felt in every corner of our society, as it compromises access to affordable health care, punishes consumers by raising the costs of goods and services, and stifles innovation and job creation. We believe commonsense legal reforms are necessary to balance the scales of our civil justice system.

Real People. Real Stories

Martha - California Restaurant Owner

I was at my restaurant early in the morning getting ready to open when a person on crutches tapped on the door and asked if they could use the bathroom. Of course, I wanted to help. Two weeks later, I got hit with an ADA lawsuit. I did all the work they requested, then afterwards, they hit me with a $150,000 lawsuit. The ADA laws need to be amended. The small businesspeople need to come together and make sure the legislature reforms ADA. ADA lawsuits shouldn’t almost cost someone their life.

Watch Martha’s full story here.

Dr. Amy Arrant, Austin, TX - Internal Medicine Doctor

When I first started practicing medicine in Austin multiple members of my group were getting sued or being named in lawsuits. Our malpractice premiums were steadily climbing to the point where some of us felt like we couldn’t continue to practice. Someone has to bear the burden of those extra healthcare dollars necessary for doctors to protect themselves, and that cost typically gets transmitted to consumers.

Watch Amy’s full story here.

Kevin - Pizza Shop Owner

In 2018, a former employee sued my store claiming that we did not offer him a 15-minute break during a shift. Because we are extremely busy running our shop, we didn’t have proper documentation proving that we did provide the break, thus we just paid the suit.

Watch Kevin’s full story here.

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How Do We Fix This?

The path to ending lawsuit abuse starts with you! By joining CALA’s nationwide network of grassroots activists, we can work together to shine a light on the devastating impact of lawsuit abuse by engaging with community leaders, making our voices heard to state and local lawmakers, and fighting for legislative reforms.


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