CALA- Illinois Executive Directrorfeatured on WTTW, Chicago Public Television In Opposition to Illinois Trial Attorneys Association Power Grab


CALA Illinois Executive Director Phil Melin was featured on WTTW, Chicago Public Television concerning Illinois Trial Association legislation that would impose new liabilities on rideshare companies.

Melin said, “We think Springfield should be focusing on trying to make life more affordable for middle (and) working class people… The Illinois Trial Lawyers Association’s (ITLA) practice of donating heavily to lawmakers, including more than $400,000 to sponsors of the common carrier bill over the last three years, means the trial lawyers have unfair sway.”

The $400,000 figure derives from a CALA-IL report that calculated ITLA’s political donations since 2020 to sponsors of the legislation.

“When you’re out at night, paying a little extra for your ride home … it’s not just an accident,” Melin said.