PRESS RELEASE: A Call For Governor to Sign BIPA Reform Bill Immediately


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Illinois Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse Urges Governor to Sign BIPA Reform Bill Immediately

(Chicago, IL) — Illinois Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse (IL-CALA) is calling on Governor J.B. Pritzker to swiftly sign the recently passed bipartisan bill amending the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA). This crucial legislation (SB 2979) addresses long-standing issues that have burdened small businesses across the state and seeks to prevent further lawsuit abuse while maintaining the protection of individuals’ biometric privacy.

“Every day that passes exposes many hardworking small business owners to the tremendous risk of an annihilative lawsuit and potential business destruction,” said Phil Melin, Executive Director of IL-CALA. “This is a great opportunity for the Governor to stand up for employers in Illinois while simultaneously protecting the privacy of workers.”

Since its enactment in 2008, BIPA has had significant unintended consequences for Illinois’ business community. The law’s stringent requirements and hefty penalties for violations have opened the door for predatory lawsuits that exploit technicalities for punishments that are far out of proportion to privacy violation. These lawsuits disproportionately affect small businesses, which often lack the resources to navigate complex compliance requirements and defend against costly litigation.

The newly passed amendments to BIPA, encapsulated in SB 2979, represent a pivotal step towards creating a fairer legal landscape for Illinois businesses. The bipartisan effort led by both Senator Cunningham and Curran has garnered widespread support from various sectors, including business, healthcare, and technology groups. The amendments aim to rectify the law’s punitive nature by addressing the per-instance fine issue, thereby providing much-needed relief to employers while continuing to uphold the privacy rights of individuals.

“We commend the Illinois Senate and General Assembly for their leadership in passing these vital reforms that are a much needed first step,” added Melin. “However, the work is not done. We urge the Governor to act swiftly and sign this bill into law, ensuring that businesses can thrive without the constant fear of crippling legal battles. We also urge the legislature to expand upon these reforms to make further amendments to BIPA to protect vital emerging industries and give companies the power to ensure the safety of the public.”

Illinois Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse (IL-CALA) remains committed to advocating for sensible legal reforms that balance the protection of individual privacy with the economic vitality of the state’s business community. By signing the BIPA reform bill, Governor J.B. Pritzker can make a significant impact in safeguarding both the rights of workers and the sustainability of Illinois businesses.

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