PRESS RELEASE: Florida Legislature Passes Historic Civil Justice Reform



Tom Gaitens, Executive Director

Florida Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse



Awaiting the Governor’s Signature, HB 837 Passes

[TALLAHASSEE, FL] March, 23rd 2023—Today, Florida Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse commends the Florida Legislature for passing landmark civil justice reform, building off an already successful December special session.

Over the past three months, the Florida Legislature has enacted the most significant set of legal reforms in more than a generation.  Representatives Gregory (R-Sarasota), Fabricio (R-Hialeah) and Senator Hutson (R-Palm Coast) introduced and sponsored bills which dramatically overhaul the landscape of civil justice in Florida.

House Bill 837 will require greater transparency in damages in jury trials and empower juries’ ability to review critical evidence for a much more level playing field for all who enter the civil justice system.  For far too long Florida has been home to an ever-expanding imbalance in the courtroom. These reforms will help to bring fairness and justice to all Floridians.

“Floridians have suffered under a system which encourages trial attorneys to inflate damages, bring frivolous claims and clog the system, costing Floridians and businesses more than $800 per person, according to recent studies,” said Tom Gaitens, Executive Director of Floridians Against Lawsuit Abuse. He continued, “Civil justice reform is long overdue. If we are to build our civil justice system around the jury, shouldn’t we trust that jury to review all relevant evidence? This reform package helps to bring that review and fairness to the system.”

“I want to thank Governor DeSantis for prioritizing the reforms during the special session and setting bar high for this regular session as well as Representatives Gregory and Fabricio, and Senator Hutson who rose to the challenge,” said Gaitens. “Over the last five years, Florida has gone from a ‘Judicial Hellhole’ to dropping out of the worst 10 states for civil justice nationwide,” Gaitens added. “I also want to thank the countless citizens and small businessowners who expressed their concerns and contacted their legislators, including showing up at committee hearings—without your voices this landmark legislation wouldn’t have been possible,” said Gaitens.

Florida Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse has worked to help bring attention to the problems inflicted by billboard attorneys and the trial lobby. These reforms coupled with those we have seen within the Florida Supreme Court and the property insurance landscape will dramatically improve the legal system in Florida.

Florida Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse (FLCALA) is a nonpartisan grassroots movement of citizens and businesses fighting against lawsuit abuse in Florida. FLCALA serves as a watchdog to challenge the misuse of our civil justice system that has cost our state’s economy billions of dollars and led to numerous bankruptcies and shattered lives. For more information visit: